How do I make my logo bigger or smaller?

I have had many clients ask me how to make their logo bigger or smaller when working in Word documents or PowerPoints. This task is very easy and I will show you the steps below;

First, go to Insert, then Insert Pictures, and then locate your .jpg or .png file from where you saved it.

Now that you have brought the image into Word / Powerpoint you will move the cursor over the image and press on it.

This will now select it. Now you will see 8 tiny circles around the picture. You will want to move your cursor to one of the corners. Now hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and move either diagonally inwards or outwards.

Moving diagonally inwards will make the logo smaller on the Word / Powerpoint document and moving diagonally outwards will make the logo bigger in the document.

Now you have made the logo smaller / bigger in your document !

If you are having issues with the logo being blurry or fuzzy when it is made large then you should consider asking your graphic designer for a “higher resolution” version of your logo. This means the logo will be very large in dimensions but it will be crystal clear.

If Adelaide Advertising has designed your logo and you need a higher resolution then feel free to send me an email.

If you are having issues with your logo being unreadable when it is small then you could consider having the logo redesigned. It is important for a logo to be readable and clear when it is large or when it is small. The more detail a logo has the more confusing and messy it will be when placed in small areas. If you would like Adelaide Advertising to redesign your business logo then chuck as an email and we can start talking.

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