How long does Logo Design take?

Designing a logo for a small business

Owning a small business in Adelaide is no easy task and we understand that moving quickly is the only way to stay alive. If you are a small business or sole trader we ensure that the process is quick and simple. If you send the material needed, such as;

  1. Your business’s name (what you want the logo to say)
  2. Your slogan (if you want that in the logo)
  3. The businesses old logo (if you have one)
  4. Some logos that you like

then the process can very quick and only take a few days. The biggest time spender in the logo design industry is designers waiting for clients to respond and send the needed material. Luckily, if you are efficient and have good communication the logo design process for your small business should only take a few days.

How long will logo variations take?

Logo variations are a fantastic way for your brand identity to shine through on whatever material it is needed on. If you do not know what logo variations are then click here. Luckily, at Adelaide Advertising, we work very efficiently and can design your multiple logo variations very quickly. This will only add 1 day or so to the whole process. For the best experience it is important that you have a clear idea of how you would like the logo variations to look. For example, Adelaide Advertising worked with CRD to create their new brand “TACRION” a logo. It was important for this industry leader to have the logo in all forms so they clearly asked for variations such as;


  • “TACRION” in all white, just text
  • “TACRION” in a grey box, with black text in the middle
  • “TACRION” in a black box, grey writing and a thick white outline

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