Video Production for Business

The importance of a video for a small business

It is 2017 and video is everything. Some statistics that your business needs to know about video.

  • Facebook generates 8 Billion video views on average per day. – Social Media Today
  • Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% – Hubspot
  • After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online – Hubspot
  • Dr Hanes McQuivery estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8  million words!

As we can see from these statistics, having a video for your business is incredibly important. Creating a business video could increase your customer count, increase the loyalty and strengthen the business’ brand.

Video Production Company for Small Businesses


Adelaide Advertising has recently started producing video’s for Adelaide’s businesses and the results have been fantastic. With a small team of writers, editors and filmers we can make a video for your business either showcasing your product or showcasing your business in general.

We are developing our skills and expanding our knowledge every day when it comes to video production for businesses and we are sure we can create a promotional video for your company that represents your small business well and looks modern.

Company Video in Adelaide for Website Adelaide

Promotional Product Video for large Brands


Adelaide Advertising’s team is filled with smart, creative and passionate people who create content on the daily. Our team can create advertisements for large brands that are creative, well edited, slick, and at a great quality.

Make sure to give us a call or email for a free quote or consultation session.

Promotional Video Production in Adelaide for ScanOptics

Title Cards for YouTube channels

For people who are starting a YouTube channel, creating a show or want an animation that reveals the business’ logo, Adelaide Advertising can create a slick and simple introduction video. This short video (around 5 seconds) can help strengthen a brands image and will take your videos to the next level of professionalism.

Title Card Production in Adelaide for Glass Half Uni

Photography in Adelaide


AdlAd realises that photography make or break a website, a brand image and can be the reason products are selling poorly or extremely well. That is why Adelaide Advertising has focused on forming a team with fantastic photography skills and photography editors. Photographers will drive to your location and bring the photo gear at no extra cost.

Photography can range from: Product Photography, Portrait Photography, Business photography and team photography.

Photography in Adelaide for Everything Coconut

Radio Advertisements in Adelaide


Radio is still a huge medium which thousands of South Australians listen to daily. This is why Adelaide Advertising is aiming at creating radio advertisements for small and large businesses to grow their brand. We have a great team of audio-focused people who are studying degrees in Sound Engineering and all creating music for the world. We have creative writers that study marketing in University and can create quality content that is clean, pitch perfect quality and engaging for the listeners.

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