Logo Design process at Adelaide Advertising

Our logo design process at Adelaide Advertising is designed to be the easiest experience for you, the client. We want to make sure that you are happy and know that you will receive a slick, modern and personal logo that suits your business’ needs.

The whole process can take only a few days!

There is one main step that we need from you to kick start this process which involves you emailing Adelaide Advertising the details about your logo. Below are the steps;

Step 1

Send Adelaide Advertising an email with specifics about your logo. The first question is, what would you like the text in your logo to say? In other words, what is your business’ name?

Step 2

Decide on whether or not you would like to have a slogan under your logo? If you would like one, do you have a slogan or do you need to write one?

Step 3

Decide on whether you would like to have a symbol in your logo? This could just be a small illustration that helps clarify what the business does using visual cues.

Step 4

Are there any particular colours that you would like in the logo? These could be colours that symbolise something or need to be in your logo as it is consistent with your other marketing material or website.

Step 5

Now that you have answered these questions, send Adelaide Advertising an email with all of these answers so we can make the perfect custom logo for you.

Step 6

Now Adelaide Advertising will design your logo. We will design 2 different custom logos for you that are made just for your South Australian business. We will look at your competition, trending design elements and make sure you have a slick and modern logo for your business. This step should take only a few days!

Step 7

Adelaide Advertising will now have sent you the 2 logo designs, and you will need to pick which of these two designs you prefer. After you have chosen which one you like more, send us an email specifying the one you would like.

Step 8

Adelaide Advertising will now send an email back with an invoice attached. Once you have paid the invoice a high resolution version of the logo will be sent.

Step 9

Now you will receive the invoice for $100

Step 10

Once you have paid the invoice, Adelaide Advertising will send you a high resolution version of your logo in a .jpg and .png format. For more information about what this means click on the text.

You now have your very own personal logo for your business. If you are interested in getting business cards, flyers, website design, or any other marketing material for your business then send us an email!

Below is a contact form if you are interested in starting the process for getting a personal logo design for your South Australian business.