Phone Sticker Pack Design Portfolio

Phone Sticker Packs

Sticker Packs are the new thing

Make Messages Memorable

Sticker Packs for Messenger are a fantastic way to be memorable and to give the commonly sent messages an exciting make over.

Mia Ringsparr Crackers Stickers

The sticker pack for Mia Ringsparr Crackers spiced up common messages such as “would you like to order more?”

Stickers are also great present

Sticker Packs for Messenger is also a fun and quirky gift for birthdays or Christmas.

Sister’s Custom Sticker Pack

This sticker pack was designed for my sister

Custom Phone Stickers Adelaide

If you are interested in having Adelaide Advertising design your business a personal sticker pack then be sure to contact us. The stickers work on Facebook Messenger and on iMessage.

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