Hello TAFE, I heard you need a Graphic Designer

Cover Letter

My name is Elliot Vagner, I am a 19 year old who is studying Business: Marketing in my 2nd year at Flinders University. I am a creative person, with a passion for generating innovative ideas and creating modern graphic design for digital and print. This is my application to become a graphic designer at TAFE SA. I believe that I am right for this role because I know all the needed programs and more, I live and breath Graphic Design and marketing, and I am young and can bring a new energy to the company.


Written Application

I am a very self motivated person, having started my own Graphic Design business called Adelaide Advertising. I have strong knowledge of design principles and I can use these techniques to design modern and effective digital and print material. I have knowledge in photography and video production having produced videos for companies such as ScanOptics and McLaren Vale WGA.

I have had 5 years of industry experience from running this graphic design business with over 70 clients over the 5 years. During this time I have also had a graphic design internship at 2 of Adelaide’s top agencies; CumminsHybrid (6 months) and Fusion. I am also currently working 1 day a week at MindVision as a graphic designer and website designer.

Running my own small graphic design business means that I get briefs and guidelines every week in which I ensure that the work will fit the client’s needs whilst also looking slick and fitting with the brands identity. Over the years I have also had the chance to create promotional material for larger companies such as Adelaide Gaol (Brochure and Banner design) whilst always ensuring a fantastic customer service.



I work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and Premiere (video), to create interesting marketing material and corporate identities for my customers. I communicate very effectively in person or online and I pride myself on how efficiently I work. Being a “solopreneur” I work with no supervision and I am highly self-motivated. I remain flexible and understand when a shift in priorities will cause a change in the schedule and I have no problem adjusting accordingly. Although I work by self I have had many instances where I am running a small team, such as creating a video for ScanOptics or Jungle in Willunga, and I made sure the client was happy with the results and that my team were comfortable with the filming process.

I always ensure that the work that I produce is at a high standard and meets the deadlines. Below you can find my work history and some of the branding and design material that I have created for small businesses in South Australia.

39 Burlington Road,

Hallett Cove, South Australia

Job No. 2017-22399.

0435 414 045

08 7007 7054

– Owner of Adelaide Advertising
– Graphic Designer at MindVision




Graphic Designer & Web Designer at Mind Vision


In April 2017 I joined Mind Vision (www.mindvision.com.au), an Adelaide based web design agency, where I am employed to work one day a week; primarily as a graphic designer.  I am also helping with other tasks such as website design where I mainly work in WordPress. I have created many graphic design assets for Mind Vision’s clients along with designing documents, banners, print material and Facebook campaigns. The website development that I do for Mind Vision has strong focus on design and ensuring that the visual appeal of the pages is consistent and modern.

Intern at CumminsHybrid


From February to July 2017 I have worked as an intern at CumminsHybrid (www.cumminshybrid.com.au) in Adelaide two days per week.  I have been involved in many projects and mostly spent my time helping creating storyboards, visuals, brand identity concepts, video mood-boards, company videos, photo shoot assistance and print material. It has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot from  the team during my six month internship.

Click here to download Craig Richard’s (CumminsHyrbrid’s Creative Director) Reference

Owner of Adelaide Advertising


In 2015, I re-branded Swogon Graphic Design as Adelaide Advertising (www.adelaideadvertising.com). I expanded my services from logo design only to all types of graphic design, website design and video production. I have had over 80 clients and have created hundreds of designs, and many videos for small to medium sized businesses.

Owner and Developer of Drinking Games Bot


At the start of 2017 I created a Facebook Chatbot called The Drinking Games Messenger Bot. The chatbot is designed to target teenagers who have the 21st-century, 1st-world problem, of not having a wide variety of drinking games to choose from at social events.
Here is a link to the Messenger Bot. Here is a link to the website if you want to learn more.

Developer of Secret Google Home App


For Christmas 2016 I got my highly anticipated gift being a Google Home from my parents. I wanted this device because I knew it was the future and also because it was open for developers. After a few weeks I started learning how to develop ‘apps’ for the product and it was almost complete after 2 months. However, I realized that I could sell this app to a company working within the same industry (that the product focuses on) so I wrote to a few companies. One of these companies were very interested and I am currently working with them to bring this product to market in their name. More details will be available soon 😉

Owner of Developing Voice


On May 8 2017 I had a few free hours so I decided it would only be natural to try and start another business. As I have been developing the ‘Secret Google Home App’ I was very interested in the developing process of Google Home and Amazon Echo “actions” / apps. The online magazine I started; Developing Voice, was focused on just this. I have spent a lot of time writing articles but I am hoping to find time and grow it one day as there is a gap in the market for a publication like this.

Owner and Creator of Stories Bored


In 2016 I started a YouTube channel called Stories Bored where I create random videos. The channel was made to push me to learn video editing as this was a service that I was interested in entering. The videos are made on whatever I was thinking about that day and the channel is ‘consistently inconsistent’.

Owner of Swogon Graphic Design


In 2013, I was 15 years old and had a strong passion for graphic design and entrepreneurship. I decided to start a graphic design focused business called “Swogon”, simply because the name was original and would have no competition on Google. My mum owns a website design company so most of my clients came from her clients needing a logo for their website. It was great fun and a lot of work and I developed my business and design skills rapidly.

Work Experience at Fusion Advertising


At year 12 in 2014, I had two weeks of work experience at Fusion (www.fusion.com.au). I spend my time with their Design team and got to meet most departments where I learnt what they do. The experience was fantastic and I got to see how a big agency operates. I really enjoyed it and it inspired me to continue on my creative path for the future.


Below are some examples of work that I have done for clients under Adelaide Advertising

Adelaide Gaol

Brochure Design and Banner Design for Gaol Entrance

Mia Ringsparr Crackers

Logo Design, Business Card Design and Package Design

Lovelock Electrical

Logo Design & Website Design


Logo Design, Business Card Design and Website Design

Drinking Games Messenger Bot

Chatbot Development, Logo Design and Website Design

Video Production

Video for; Scanoptics, Jungle in Willunga, McLaren Vale GWTA

Adelaide Bird Removal

Logo Design and Website Design

Below is some of the other work that I have made

The Drinking Games Messenger Bot

I designed the chatbot to learn about the industry and also to make the parties and social events that I go to a little more interesting. Click here for a link to the chatbot’s website.
The chatbot simply generates drinking games for the user.


I created my own publication; Developing Voice
I am also a writer for ‘Chatbots Life‘ and ‘Chatbots magazine
Click on the laptop to read the article 🙂



Esher High School (England)

Cardijn College (Noarlunga, SA)


Currently: 2nd Year

Bachelor of Business: Marketing

Flinders University

Grades & Awards


In Year 12 I received an A in Design and in English. I also received a Merit for Design, along with the John Lonergan Memorial Art Award for all of my design work in College. I am currently in my second year of University studying Bachelor of Business: Marketing at Flinders. So far I have received a High-Distinction in Marketing Communications, a Distinction for Marketing Applications and in Marketing Principles.



I am fluent in English and Swedish.


Craig Jackson

Creative Director at CumminsHybrid


Mia Ringsparr

Owner of Mia Ringsparr Crackers


Tom Young

Copywriter at CumminsHybrid


Patryk Korewo

Previously did Contract work for Adelaide Advertising

0466 340 943



39 Burlington Road,

Hallett Cove, South Australia

0435 414 045

08 7007 7054