What are logo variations and does my logo need them?

Why have logo variations?

Having a well designed logo that represents your small business is key to having a memorable brand identity. A logo is designed often to be seen on a white background, however, many times you, the business owner, will want to place the logo on a different background. This could be over a photo, a color that has little contrast to the logo, a video or in a small space. This is why it is important to have logo variations.

What is a logo variation?

A logo variation is your logo with a slight difference, this can be colour, spacing, positioning, with or without the slogan, with a border, and so forth. However, the logo will still be similar to the original logo so consumers can recognize the brand’s identity.

Examples of Logo Variation

Adelaide Advertising has worked with Protection and Security industry leader ‘CRD’ to design their brand new line protection line; “TACRION”. We did several different logo variations for them so they can use their logo on any surface or material. Below you can see the company logo variations.

Logo Variation Examples

Adelaide Advertising also worked with Website Adelaide in redesigning their logo to give it a cleaner and more modern face-lift. To the right you can see Website Adelaide’s old logo and below is the new logo along with the logo variations. These logo variations are designed so that the appropriate logo can be chosen and the brand identity still stays consistent.