Does does my business need a logo?

Why does my business need a logo?

In Adelaide, South Australia it is very important to have a logo as you need to establish a brand to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Having a logo will give your business a face that people can remember and it makes your business seem more trustworthy. Here is a list of reasons that your South Australia business needs a logo.

Consistent Branding for your South Australian Business

Once you have a logo you can also order leaflets, flyers, posters, banners, videos, business cards and other marketing material. Having a consistent logo will help keep the business in uniform and recognisable.


A logo can explain the business

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ and this holds true with logos. Some companies might have a particularly confusing or uncommon practice meaning that having some illustration can help explain the business. The illustration can help clarify the words or acronym, hopefully resulting in more sales.


Your business logo makes you look professional

A professional looking logo will make your business seem established and reliable. Having a photo or clipart image as a logo is very unprofessional looking and will possibly turn away many potential clients or customers from your business.

A business logo shows that you are serious

In Adelaide it is very important to show that you mean business. When your company or start up has a logo it means that you are serious about what you are doing and it is not just a hobby. It also shows that you are stable and reliable and will still be around in the future, which is very important in clients and customers eyes.

Where do I use my logo?

I have had many clients in Adelaide ask where they should use their logo and where they should put it. Logos are very important as seen above but knowing where to put them is equally as important. Here is a list of places you should be putting your logo;

You’re Business’ Printed Marketing Material

Your business’ logo must be in your printed marketing material; this includes your business cards, your flyers, your brochures, your leaflets, your postcards, your signs and banners, your loyalty cards and so forth.

Your business logo on Social Media

It is also important to put your logo on all social media platforms, in the profile picture and in the banners. Also remember when posting content on social media to include your business logo watermarked in the corner of the photos.

Your business logo in Videos

Once your business is established you might start considering having a video made about your business or products / services. Adelaide Advertising does video production for small businesses in Adelaide at very low prices, if you are interested then press this link. Videos are an important aspect of branding and you can read more by pressing this link here. It is important to include your business logo in the videos as it will keep your brand recognised and differentiate you from your competitors.

You will also need a variety of different formats of your logo. For information about this subject then press the link here.

Mini Logo Design Portfolio

Adelaide Advertising specializes in logo design. Below is a portfolio of some of the logos that we have made for small businesses in Adelaide, South Australia.

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