Why does your business need a video?

In Adelaide it is very important for your business to have a video. There are 5 main videos that your business can have.

  1. A video explaining what your business does
  2. A video selling a product or service of yours
  3. A video introducing the people who run the business
  4. A video explaining how to use / assemble a product
  5. A viral fun video

Here are 5 reasons your business must have a video

It will increase your Conversion Rates

Video Rascal conducted a survey which found that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after they have seen a video explaining the product. By simply having a video explaining your business’ services or products you can have a dramatic increase on sales and profits.


Make the product clear

Having text and photos about products and services is very important but a video can help clarify many questions. Seeing someone physically use a product or service can make customers feel comfortable with the service and understand the process much clearer.


Viral Videos

Viral videos are almost impossible to create but when they are successful then it can have a huge impact on a brand. If the video has links to the website and products then it can cause sales to sky rocket. This was the case with Old Spice who saw a 100% increase in sales due to a viral video and it is the case for many other companies.


Feel comfortable with the business

Many people, especially in Adelaide, only want to do business with companies that they know well. An easy way to tackle this issue is to create a video about the business so people can see how the business operates, who part of the business is and why it is in business.


A video is more interesting

Endless pages of text can be pretty boring so having a video with interesting film, enthusiastic speech and slick editing will keep the attention of a viewer much longer than text will.

Where do I put my business video?

Knowing where to post your video is very important. If Adelaide Advertising has made your video then we can also help you post the video to get as many views as possible. Making sure your video has good SEO is key to getting many views.

This has many parts including the tags, the keywords, the time it is posted, the website you post it on, the thumbnail and so forth.

Below is a video that Adelaide Advertising made for Scan Optics

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