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My name is Elliot Vagner and I am an enthusiastic millennial who specializes in creating modern and affordable graphic design for print and digital media, ¬†building effective websites and developing social media content for small South Australian Business. If you want to work with a young creative person with passion for marketing and design, please give me a call. I’ve already worked with over 100 small Adelaide businesses!

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My name is Elliot Vagner, I am the owner of Adelaide Advertising. I have worked with over 100 small businesses in South Australia with services ranging from graphic design to drone videography. I have a passion for modern graphic design that looks stunning whilst also delivers results. I spend time understanding each client and ensuring that the graphic design, website design or video reflects your Adelaide-based business in the most authentic light.

John Lonergan Memorial Award

Elliot Vagner, the owner of Adelaide Advertising was awarded the John Lonergan Memorial Award in 2015 for his graphic design work and modern approach to brand identities.

Visual Arts: Design Award

Elliot Vagner was also awarded the Academic Award in 2015 for his Design topic in College.

Some brands that we work with

$250 Logo Design

Logo design package includes .jpg, .png, black and white, vector files and more to ensure your logo works anywhere


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