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How to design clever logos

As a logo designer we want to create amazing, creative, unique and frickin awesome logos for every project. However, coming up with clever logo designs every time is pretty darn difficult. To make a clever you want to combine two attributes together in a seamless and creative way. So how do you combine ideas in logos? This is the big question. Having designed over a million logos (don’t quote me on that), I set out to create a system to create these creative logos much easier. If only there was a process, a system, a template… Oh my god, this is a crazy coincidence but there is! It’s called Clever Logo Guide and get this; it’s a guide that helps you make clever logos.

Design Creative Logos

How to use Clever Logo Guide

1. Get a Client (this is the hard part)
2. Understand the Client’s business
3. Find 5 icons representing Client’s product / service
4. Find 5 icons representing Client’s Point of Difference
5. Use Clever Logo Guide to auto-generate 25 combinations
6. Quickly find ways to creatively combine the icons to create your clever logo design

7. Brag to your friends about your new logo
8. The Logo Awards email you?!
9. You reply: New Email Who Dis?
10. They reply saying: please dear lord please be on our logo design panel of genius logo designers
11. You reply: sorry I’m busy that day being interviewed for Forbes Most Influential Designers

Real example of Clever Logo Guide in action

Combine two logos into one

The mission was simple, I want to create a simple to use tool that helps logo designers combine two logos into one. Creative logos mesh two concepts together to visually represent what the business is all about. Whether that’s combining a dog and a sunrise to show Morning Dog Walks, or a Flower and a Coffee to represent a Cafe that sells plants.

Illustrator Action & Template

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Create fully custom logos

Why I made Clever Logo Guide

Combining two elements to create unique logos

When creating a brand identity for a client we want to make it unique. There are tonnes of logo generating tools and AI is steadily becoming better and better which is quite scary for us graphic designers. The way to compete in this space is to make unique and completely custom logos.

The recipe for a unique logo is typically; a great typeface that suits the brand well, an icon that visually describes the business and is unique enough to be recognised instantly. Yes, there’s only two ingredients but many good recipes only have two ingredients; butter and popcorn, peanut butter and jelly… I guess PB and J has bread as well in this instance Adobe Illustrator would be the bread.


What’s included in the Clever Logo Guide?

Adobe Illustrator Action

Adobe Illustrator Template

Works on Mac

Works on Windows

Instructional Video

How to mix two logos together

To mix two logos together you basically want to find two symbols that can visually showcase the offerings of that company. If a logistics company specialise in beverages then how can you mix the idea of a logistics with a beverage iconography? It doesn’t have to be super obvious and easy, sometimes subtle is better and makes the logo even more clever. But for small businesses it’s always great to merge two symbols together into one clever logo design.

The Clever Logo Guide Illustrator Action and Template was created to help logo designers do exactly this; easily mix two icons together to form unique and clever logos for your clients.

I love Clever Logo Guide more than my child

– Definetely a real customer

Adobe Illustrator Actions

After realising that logo designers could use a guide to help them create these clever logos much quicker I started working on different methods and tools to assist in the process. It started as a print out document until I realised, I actually design logos straight away onto Illustrator.

However, if you do prefer hand-drawing your logo ideas before bringing them into Illustrator or another tool then the template for that is part of the Clever Logo Package as well!

So I thought to myself, how can I make the process much quicker… I bet your on the edge of your seat right now, no idea what it could be even after having read the large header for this paragraph. That’s it! I’ll create a frickin Adobe Illustrator Action. The action of all Illustrator Actions.

How to combine ideas in logo design

The idea is simple; create an Illustrator Action that can quickly guide me to creating clever and unique logo designs that will be so awesome and custom that logo-legend Aaron Draplin himself will levitate to my house to bestow me with a plaque for each logo I make. As you can see, my expectations were very reasonable so I got to work making the Clever Logo Guide Adobe Illustrator Action.

Clever Logo Guide Common Questions

Is Clever Logo Guide a subscription?

Chill dude, no it’s not. Not everything needs to be a SaaS business nowadays. Clever Logo Guide is a one-time download and then you never have to spend a dollar again, expect on your groceries, petrol and some other stuff.

Do I need Adobe Illustrator?

Yes you do. Clever Logo Guide is an Illustrator Action and Illustrator Template that work together to make logo design 10 times more efficient. Sadly, this won’t work with Canva or other software though!

Has this made you a millionaire?

I wish, but sadly no

Clever Logo Guide

How to make a clever logo

To make a clever logo you really need to get a clear understanding of the business and why it’s different to its competitors. If your client is a Pizzeria, then that’s the product / service. Now, what’s the point of difference? Why go to this Pizzeria over the dozens of competitors in town. Does it do really good vegan options? Is it local ingredients? Do they BBQ smoke all their meats? Do they offer fast delivery?

It’s important for small businesses to visually describe the product/service and the unique selling point in the symbol because potential customers might only see that business a few times. We will see ads for the next big streaming service a hundred times and learn to associate that logo with that service. However, a small business doesn’t have that luxury.

A small business will need to describe what it does, for who and why it’s the unique in one icon. It’s a big task and that’s why I created this tool to help logo designers make clever logos. Call me selfish, but I just want to see more clever logo designs in the world.

Clever logos with hidden meanings

Often what makes a logo clever is that it has a hidden meaning. Some of our favourite copyrighted logo symbols that I can’t show on this page due to trademark, are our favourites because they manage to combine two concepts together or they hide a representative symbol in the negative space.

Imagine a logistics company that move things globally with an arrow hidden inside the logo. Or a bike tour event across a European nation that has a hidden icon of a bicyclist.

These are just totally random examples that are definitely not famous for being clever logo designs. But the point is, you can also make logos like these for smaller non-multi-billion dollar conglomerates. I actually think that it’s much easier to do this with small businesses as they have a much clearer niche and service than a global logistics company who offer an incredibly wide range of services.

A clever logo often combines two concepts and brings them together in a well designed way. This is what the Clever Logo Guide is all about! How can we take two concepts and mash them together to describe to our audience what the business offers and what makes it unique from the competitors. Let’s look at some examples of hidden messages in logos, made using our Illustrator Action Set and Template.