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Branding from Start to End

Branding an Adelaide business from start to finish; The Brief

Hello Adelaide Advertising,
I am after a complete branding for a business that I am starting in Adelaide. The business is a meat delivery company that delivers raw meat to your doorstep on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery. We want 50 names generated for the business and some logo designs to accompany a few names to get a visualisation of how the brand can be presented. The names should be original and all help wordify what the business mission is;

To deliver raw meat to your doorstep as a subscription service

The Business Name Generating Process

The process of creating 50 unique and viable brand names for this business was a fun and extremely creative process that involved understanding the core aspects of the business and turning them into a few words that hopefully sounded interesting, different and memorable. Below are 4 names that I generated made into a potential logo that visualised the brands mission and core values.

Target Audience
When creating a business name and corporate identity it is crucial to understand the target audience. For this assignment, Adelaide Advertising was told that the target audience is;

20-30 year old males who have recently moved to live by themselves and are interested in getting meat delivered to their house without having to go through a long shopping process.

Logo design if often the mixing of 2 ideas and in this logo design and branding assignment, Adelaide Advertising needed to blend “meat” with “doorstep / subscription”. In this example, I created a logo that mixed a butcher’s knife ( meat) with a door opening (doorstep).

The details of branding a business
When creating a brand name and a logo to suit that name there will be many small changes. For this logo, I went through some minor changes that looked at how this witty concept of a meat-delivery service could be visualised. I wanted a sheep to be clearly mourning but landing on which design and name depicts the satire and self-aware commentary was not easy.

Business Name and Branding Package
If your interested in having Adelaide Advertising brainstorm business names for your new start up or company revamp then be sure to send me an email. The process of naming your business and creating a brand identity is a very important stage and I would love to help you.

$250 Logo Design

Logo design package includes .jpg, .png, black and white, vector files and more to ensure your logo works anywhere


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