Facebook Carousel Advert : Photoshop Mock Up

Free Adobe Photoshop Mock Up by Adelaide Advertising

Free Facebook Carousel Mock Up

Adelaide Advertising has created this Facebook Carousel Mockup for anyone to download, completely free of charge. This mock-up is perfect for graphic designers and social media content creators. The Carousel advert display feature on Facebook is a brilliant tool and form of delivering your business’ message and by using this Free Mock Up you can easily see how your proposed adverts / posts will turn out when live on the consumer’s Facebook Feed.

Commercial Free Photoshop Download Mock Up

Adelaide Advertising has made sure the mock up is free for anyone to use for anything. Your welcome.

Facebook Carousel Mock Up

We would love for you to share this with your graphic designer friends and colleagues. Just press the button below and it will download.
If you would like a step by step guide on how to use the Free Mock Up then scroll down.

How to Use Free Facebook Carousel Photoshop Mock Up

  1. Download the Free Mockup
  2. Open the “AdelaideAdvertisings_Facebook_Carousel_Advert_Mockup” file (with Adobe Photoshop)
  3. Double click on the “Photo1 Change” layer on the side menu
  4. A separate Photoshop file will open. Replace the text with your post design
  5. Press ‘Save’. Not ‘Save as’!
  6. Now go back to the other file and the image will have changed
  7. Repeat with all the posts (delete some if you want)