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Adelaide Advertising Logo Design Case Studies

Adelaide Advertising has worked with over 100 small businesses in Adelaide and I put my 100% effort into every single project. Logo design is what Adelaide Advertising specialises in and for you to get an understanding of the process and what you will receive you can see below some recent logo design case studies.

4 Logos = For only $250

Adelaide Advertising has a special deal for small businesses in Adelaide that gets you 4 completely custom logo designs for your business for only $250. I will ask you a couple of questions regarding your ideal logo design and then create 4 various designs that match your criteria. Below you can see the 4 logos Adelaide Advertising created for Hyde White Legal services and the brief that I was given.

I am looking for a revamp of my current logo design for my legal services business. I am a sole practitioner / lawyer and I would like to stay with blue shades. I imagine the symbol being simple and representing the fact that my business in is the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I would also like the logo to represent law, lawyer or legal services in some way. Thank you very much!

Hello Elliot I am looking for a logo for my gardening care business. I want to incorporate the colour code #3e6333 somewhere as I already have marketing material using it. The logo should be simple and not too busy, but also convey what the company is all about through a symbol or icon.  

Hello Adelaide Advertising, I am looking for a logo for my heating and cooling business in Adelaide. I want the logo to clearly show a heating element (like fire or sweat) and a cooling icon (snow or ice). I want it to say “Papworth” in large and then “Heating and Cooling” underneath. It would be cool if the symbols were incorporated into the letters but it is not a necessity. 

Morning Elliot! I am looking for a logo for my business. The name is “American Fried Chicken” and we want Red, White and Blue colors please. We want a symbol next to the name and we want it to naturally have a slogan fit underneath the logo. The slogan is “Kentucky Style Chicken at its best”. 

Hello Elliot, I am in need of a logo design for Mouthguards Australia. The business will be to go-to place to get highly advanced and fantastic quality mouthguards in Australia. I would love for the logo to have a symbol that combines a symbol of Australia (outline of Australia, animal etc) and a simplified Mouthguard illustration. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Some brands that we work with

$250 Logo Design

Logo design package includes .jpg, .png, black and white, vector files and more to ensure your logo works anywhere


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