Branding Design for Mia Ringsparr Gluten Free Crackers


The Challenge

Mia Ringsparr gluten free crackers where introduced in the Adelaide area in 2014 in small food boutique shops and restaurants in McLaren Vale.  An instant success, Mia is now looking to roll out the gluten free crackers through Australia.

The Client’s Brief

Essential to the role out of Mia Ringsparr gluten free crackers was the development a new brand identity including package design. Mia’s range of crackers includes four different flavours which need to be easily communicated to the consumer whilst capturing Mia’s personality and the uniqueness of her crackers.

The Outcome

Mia Ringsparr’s Company has now seen the benefit of the new brand identify as the business has grown quickly following the introduction of the new package design with four different flavours.

The appeal of the new package design has also helped to increase the number of distribution points throughout Australia and resulted in an increase in sales by 40% in only 3 months. Mia Ringsparr’s crackers are now also available in Foodland and other major food retailers.

Adelaide Advertising provided me with the perfect brand identity which expressed me through the designs. The package design increased my sales by 300% the following week. Great work and friendly service.

Mia Ringsparr

Owner of Cracker Company, Mia Ringsparr's Gluten Free Crackers