Brand Design for Website Adelaide


The Challenge

Website Adelaide is a fast growing Web Agency in South Australia. It was established in 2013 and is now ranking first in Google when “website build Adelaide” has been searched and with similar searches. The company is now looking to expand and hire more employees and is looking for a re-branding.

The Client’s Brief

Website Adelaide wanted to revamp the old designs and make them look slicker and more modern. However, Website Adelaide wanted to keep the logo similar to their old logo so the print and web material with this logo will still be recognised. The rebranding of this business included a variety of services to help strengthen it’s identity. These Adelaide Advertising Services were;

  • A new logo design staying similar to the old one but designed to look more modern
  • Business Card Design matching the style, colour scheme and design structure
  • A Company Video promoting the business and it’s services in a clear, elegant and quick manner
  • A Company Jingle which can be used at the end of videos and other promotional content
  • Portrait Photography of the CEO to update the website and other material
  • A Company slogan that will gain interest in the business and what it offers
  • Stationary design to keep a professional, tidy and consistent brand identity

The Outcome

Website Adelaide has seen tremendous benefit with their rebranding by Adelaide Advertising. The business has now grown, increased in customers, increased in website views and strengthened it’s corporate identity. The new logo is simple and took the shape from the previous logo and updated the font, colouring and modernised the structure. The Video was beautifully crafted and sets a welcoming and insightful look at the company, quickly summarizing it’s strengths and why it is such a great service. The company’s other branding material has helped form a strong identity and will soon be recognised by all web designers, and other related areas, in Australia.

Website Adelaide Jingle

by Adelaide Advertising