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Through beautiful branding and strategic digital & print marketing, I will grow your business.

My name is Elliot Vagner, I specialise in rebranding small to medium sized businesses in South Australia and rethinking their marketing strategies. Graphic design, website design, social media, creative, digital marketing, print advertising and everything you need. I work with strong, local companies who want to elevate their brand and be seen by their target audience. Having done graphic design work for over 100 small Adelaide businesses, I have plenty of experience in company branding, and I am ready to create your branding and marketing solution package.

Some brands that we work with

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My name is Elliot Vagner. I am the owner of Adelaide Advertising. With great marketing solutions, modern and effective design, I want to help you grow your business.

Graphic Design.

Effective, Modern and brand consistant.

Digital Strategy.

Use the internet to your advantage.

Website Design.

Modern and designed for optimised user experience.

Marketing Solutions.

Print advertising, digital marketing and strategy.


Rebranding & Marketing Strategy Case Study

Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Elliot Vagner from Adelaide Advertising has redone the entire Open-range park’s branding and complete identity. With a new logo, new print material, new website, new social media designs… we’re a complete new brand. He is hard working, innovative and understands South Australian consumers. Ever since Adelaide Advertising rebranded Urimbirra and implemented our new marketing strategies we have seen an increase in visitors to the park and a double in social media following, all under a year!

What Adelaide Advertising does

Adelaide Advertising is a boutique, full-service agency that focuses on growing small to medium companies through creative brand design and marketing solutions. I am dedicated to a few number of clients, rather than engaging with dozens. The approach I take is to generate the best possible brand image for you; by building onto your current brand or rebranding. Through digital marketing, print advertising, targeted marketing campaigns and marketing collateral. From initiation of rebranding ideas to marketing strategy and to implementation of activities; I’ll create and implement your new marketing plan.

Working with Adelaide Advertising is always such a positive experience. Our expectations are not only met, but exceeded every time. Adelaide Advertising takes the time to understand our needs and often has excellent ideas that we hadn’t even considered.

Connie Dutton – Marketing Manager

Cardijn College

Cardijn College

Open-Day Campaign Case Study

Cardijn College Event Campaign

Cardijn College was ready to hold yet another fantastic Open-Day and was in need of graphic design elements, advertising material and collateral. Adelaide Advertising worked with Cardijn College to create these graphics and have been working with the college ever since.



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